Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sun Greyson Rain Cosplay

Whatta day! well, it was actually yesterday...

The upside..

Okay so it all started when I woke up with the sun's rays hitting my face. Feeling its warmth just made me smile and actually got me dancing on my bed. Finally, the sun came out after days of gloomy weather! And it's not just that, the day just keeps on getting better, or is it...?

oh yeah, the sun in shining!!!

gaaaaah!it burned my eyes!!!!

oh lookie, my shadow...where have you gone the past days?

The moment I do my routine over the internet, I saw that Greyson Chance's new music video is out! And yes, I am his fan. ^_^

The downside...

Around 2pm I guess, it started to rain once again. I was at my old high school attending an event with my sisters. Being there made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Although the place looked familiar, the faces don't. =/

Back at the top again...

When the rain finally came to a stop, we decided to catch up to the cosplay competition that's already started. So off we went...

Then back down again...

When we finally arrived to the event and I was expecting that anime convention kind of thing, you know, big and spacious... But, for all we know,  what was waiting for us was like a big conference room jam-packed with people. I was so surprised. But we said, whatever happens, we must go in, in the name of anime!!! We were like two soldiers heading for battle. So we finally went in and there was like a 5 to 10-degree  increase in temperature, and that's in Celsius! We had to endure that plus the crappy technicals...

You know the pattern...

Then it was finally time for the meet and greet/picture-taking with the contestants. Now, that was a blast :)
 I was surprised to see one of my high school batchmates enter in this competition.
That's her right up there :)

Oh look! It's Nobita. Amazing to cosplay such an old anime, right?
Kinda brings you back to memory lane....

Waaaah! This is from one of my all-time favorite anime!
Full Metal Alchemist

These two girls cosplaying here are cute :3

This guy here caught the attention of so many girls. hahah!
He kinda got embarassed coz of that.
Poor thing.
Nice outfit though.

And here is the grand winner of the competition!
She's really beautiful.
And really nice. hehe ^_^

So all in all, I had fun. From what happened, I can actually say: Life really is full of ups and downs. And hell yeah, ANIME RULEZ!!!


  1. Nice Mau! Pero sana sumali ka sa dress up! I would attend if I was there, too! >.<

  2. bee: It was a split second decision to attend so we didn't have time to dress up. I would love to dress up but I don't want to enter the competition. you know, do it just for fun :)