Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just A Confession

I hate watching one person miss another person. I hate how they miss the things they used to do, how they decided to end up their relationship but how I could clearly see that they still truly care for one another. I hate that more than seeing couples be so openly affectionate to one another.

This is the realization I came up with while watching this korean drama called "Marry Me Mary".

And what I really hate is how I could totally relate to that.

Yeah, I had a relationship with this person once. It was my first and only one yet. I'm not gonna lie and say that I don't miss him. I do. A lot of times. But I am over him, just so we're clear. It's just that watching one particular scene from this drama made me remember of the times that I did miss him. In this drama though, I could tell that the guy misses the girl too and that he truly cared about the girl. I just dunno if I could say that it's the same for the both of us though.

I miss him. I'm not so sure if he feels the same. But that's alright. I'm happy and I hope that he is. We haven't talked that much since the breakup. I just wish that I could talk to him like how we used to before this whole relationship started. The times before our relationship started is what I really missed the most.

But hey, this is reality. And what I can do is just choke up these feelings. He was a part of my past that I can never throw away nor would I wish to forget. I just hate it how things remind me that I sometimes miss him.

Yep, this is a confession. Not to that specific person though. So this may be more like me, just expressing myself, to get in into the open what I feel. I hope that maybe I could touch other people's hearts, even though I only have so few viewers.

Feel free to share your confessions as well (e.g. in the comment box below).

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