Saturday, December 24, 2011

11th day of Merry Blogging Christmas

FINALLY! one more day to go. hahah!

So one day to go before Christmas and the weather here is not-so-promising.

I haven't fully recovered from yesterday (see last post if you're at a lost there). But I'm being better. They asked me if I could go on duty today but I rejected the offer. I seriously need a break. I'm still new at this. Hope they'd understand.

Here in the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas eve with Noche Buena. It's kinda like this big dinner celebration with relatives. The more the relatives, the livelier, the better :) Oh and I forgot to mention, lotsa foods!

Sadly though, my family went for the total opposite this year. I wish I could've shared it with everyone - show them how we roll with the REAL Noche Buena. But what is real anyway? Everyone is busy and everything. But nonetheless,  I came to love it still. So long as me and my family are complete, and we share this time together, I guess that's real. :D

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