Saturday, December 17, 2011

4th day of Merry Blogging Christmas

Well, recently I have been addicted to this korean drama titled "Marry Me Mary/ Mary Stayed Up All Night." Yeah, to the point of skipping my hospital duty. O.o shhh! Don't tell! teehee.

Well yeah, have you experienced (well, okay maybe just seen, to be fair to those who still haven't had a boyfriend/girlfriend) that time when you finally entered that supposedly happiest part of it, you suddenly find yourself actually in it's turning point - dull and empty?

I'm talking about relationships. When Mae Ri and Mu Kyul were still the fake lovers that they were, I found the story more exciting and I would go crazy over their sweet moments. hahah! And I would always hope they ended up together...But when the actual time came, it's like the sparks just disappeared. It's like it wasn't that special anymore...

I don't know why it's like this.

But I still went crazy when Mu Kyul does something sweet for Mae Ri. He is just to cute for me to just sit around. I couldn't contain myself. *siiiiigh* I am so in love.  ^_^

So yeah, I finished watching it in 3 days.

I'm actually thankful that I've finished it already, so that I can focus on other things again.

But thanks to the suggestion box of youtube, I stumble upon this movie of his entitled, "You're My Pet" and I was like, "Oh no..."

So a new addiction unfolds... I need to find a site to watch it!!!!!!

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