Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today, one of my good friends came at my place. I was really worked up on what to serve her for snacks. The last time we were together, I served her instant pancit canton. So I thought to myself, I wouldn't want to serve her that again. So i went to the supermarket and tried to find something else to eat...and guess what I bought? Noooo, it wasn't instant pancit canton but instead,(drumroll please) it was instant palabok and instant baked mac...haha! Then I thought to myself: is it really like this these days? Almost everything is instant. There's not much healthy things up on the shelves anymore. Instant stuffs aren't good for the health, I know everyone knows that but why is the number of instant things is still increasing? Nowadays, EVERYTHING IS INSTANT. Can we also have INSTANT SUCCESS and BOYFRIEND? But like I said, instant things, aren't healthy for you. >.<

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