Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Santa Rain

     Today was, again, another duty day. Had to wake up early so that I could make it on time. And yes, you're right, I haven't woken up early. And yes again! I hadn't made it on time. (insert sarcastic laugh) 7am was the start of the shift and I arrived around 7:15. oh well.

     Anyway, enough about me and my poor time management skills. Today during our shift, out of nowhere, Santa Claus gave us a visit! yaaaaay! I was so shocked to be honest. It's was my first time seeing one in a hospital. I was dumbfounded sitting in this chair while holding open an instantly forgotten patient's chart. And just when I was staring at him, he handed out lollipops for everyone and that's when I suddenly got excited! We took some pictures with him. Haha. Then he went around all the patients' rooms to hand out candies and made everyone put up that big hearty holidays smile.
In this picture right here is Santa Claus together with one of the hospital's staff. Look at that big red thing..makes you wanna give him a big hug, right??? hahah. I dunno but for me, there's just something about all the Christmas spirit that makes me warm and fuzzy inside. :) 
Regression much?

And this here is my trusty partner. It's been pouring the last couple of days. Rain or shine, our duty must go on! Well, actually here we were getting ready to go home and that's my partner all ready to drive us in her motorcycle. Doesn't she look cute? :D 
I got home with my butt all wet. :P


  1. Saan ito Maureen? :D Cute naman, may Santa sa likod. ^^

  2. Nice Mau! Keep blogging! Add kita sa Bicolano Bloggers.. okay???! :)