Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Random thought

You know how i really miss you?
I can still remember the day when i first saw you.
It was a whirl of events. stupid, crazy, funny events... :)
I dont know how it happened but we just,...clicked.
Ah, happy days..sweet memories..
I miss the smiles and the hard laughs.
I miss us just talking about anything and everything.
I miss how you're able to make me smile no matter what the circumstance.
Just the two of us staring at the sea reflecting the sky.
Unexplainably Im at ease, that nothing can ever go wrong.
Years have passed and weve already grown.
But now's just the time Ive realized..
That I didnt really not loved anyone.
I was just so caught up that I didnt pay attention.
To my feelings, to whom my heart was beating for.
And now that i know, i never intend to let it go.
Years have passed.
Every moment still painted in my mind.
Every feeling turned into words.
Crazy mix up of words.
But no matter how many words, how many poems, how many verses i write for you...