Thursday, December 15, 2011

1st and 2nd day of Merry Blogging Christmas

I was inspired by BertieBertG, a youtuber which I subscribed to, to make this 12 days of Christmas blog. Well, it was supposed to start yesterday... so forgive me I'm late (puppy dog pout).

But before anything else, here is BertieBertG. Loving the british accent? subscribe to him! :)

So lemme sum up the first and second day. Yesterday, the only highlight I have is to promote this korean drama titled, "Marry Me Mary." It stars the only korean actor I like. (waaaaaaaah xD)

 tan tananan!

yeah I like him.
ahh, can't believe how much his look changed ever since One Missed Call 3.
But no matter how much his hair changed, his voice deepened,
or how tall he got...
He always had that same hearty smile ♥

Yeah, Marry Me Mary kept me alive when I had nothing to do yesterday... and today, after a long stressful day. It was my first time as a private duty nurse. And it was really hard. I was physically exhausted. But somehow, it's so fulfilling. That is why, this second day of Merry Blogging Christmas is so special to me. I've conquered a fear. I was actually scared of accepting the job for today, but I told myself to just go do it, and everything will be alright. And it all turned out fine, that is why I am so happy :) I feel so accomplished and I could feel that I did something worthwhile. 

What did you do today? :)

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  1. BertieBertG: funny how tumblr thinks this person maybe Harry and Draco's love child. XD

    Jang Geun Seuk! ^____^